SEO Cape TownWe are a Cape Town based SEO Company that offers our services to all businesses with a local footprint. We stay abreast of the ever-changing algorithms of Google and use advanced strategies to optimize business websites.

We understand business needs just as well as we understand SEO. We know that for many older businesses, the change-over from print-based marketing to internet marketing is not easy. Even though print media may not be producing the results it did a few years ago, it still has the appeal of getting something tangible for your marketing spend. While online marketing has proven itself as an effective way to increase lead generation, it is still difficult for some business owners to get their heads around this concept. 

We understand this and for this reason we are happy to sit around a table with you and show you exactly what we do as part of our SEO services as well as results that we have attained with other clients websites. We are confident that once we have had this “show and tell” discussion, you will be enlightened by the possibilities of search engine optimization and what it can do for your company.

There is a well-known saying, “Go big or go home”. When it comes to local SEO, we “Go home”. What do we mean by this? If, as an example, a company offers a service like Electrical. It would be a big ego boost to rank for the keyword, “Electrical Services”. This is a national keyword and could attract the attention of people looking for electrical services all around South Africa. That would be great if you were a company with branches all around South Africa, but if your company is based in Cape Town, you would really want to be targeting your local market, wouldn’t you? After all, what is the point of your phone ringing if three quarters of the enquiries come from areas you cannot service? 

This is why we say, “Go Home”. You want to market to you “home” market. Rather than ranking for the broad keyword, “electrical Services”, you want to rank for the more targeted keyword, “Cape Town Electrical Services” or a related keyword. People searching for electrical services on Google will add “Cape Town” to their search simply to eliminate companies from other areas. If you are ranking well for this keyword with the local identifier, you phone will ring with enquiries from the area you service.

Cape Town SEO is focused on local ranking. Not only can we get your company website to rank organically, but we can also get you listed in the local 7-pack on Google. We can get you ranking in any suburb or Town of your choice. 

We also offer Regional, National and International SEO services if your business requires this. That said, for many businesses with multiple locations, the sensible approach is often to gear their SEO so as to rank their products or services locally in their various locations while establishing their brand online nationally. 

If your business is at that place where you know that SEO Services targeting Cape Town as the local identifier could benefit you, why not contact us. In fact, if you’re intrigued by what you have read, but have no idea whether SEO will benefit your business or not, simply get hold of us for a casual chat. We will do some research to identify the number of people searching for your product or services so that you can see if it indeed would be feasible or not. 

Feel free to contact Karl Marais directly at 083 357 3894 or complete our Contact form.

SEO Basics

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